Pop music isn't about 'the return of cone breasts' says US star in new interview
Michael Baggs
13:52 17th March 2012

Theatrical US musician Rufus Wainwright has revealed that Lady Gaga influenced much of his new album, despite considering the she-popper 'disingenuous'.

Wainwright's new album, 'Out Of The Game' is released on 16 April, 2012 and Wainwright has confessed that the record's most harsh lyrics are inspired by Gaga.

"I think a lot of it has to do with Lady Gaga, to be honest. I totally admire her tenacity, her ambition and her strength of vision. There’s just not one good song there. People, especially gay men, are falling so hard for it," said the star in an interview with Music Week. "Certain things that she says: 'Look at me. I was like you one day and now I’m this – and you can do it too.' I find it a bit disingenuous.

"We are in this somewhat sinister period and artists have got to kind of toughen up and be real. It's about conveying what’s inside us, as opposed to the return of the cone breasts. I find it predictable and boring."

Wainwright also reveals that he and producer Mark Ronson 'kind of fell in love with each other' during recording sessions for the new album, confessing that: "There’s a real attraction between Mark and I, which is a little harder for me being gay. I have to battle with it."

Rufus Wainwright will perform a one-off London show at the Lyceum Theatre on 30 April, 2012. For more information and tickets, visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.

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