Frontman still not sure on The Cure's future plans ahead of summer shows
Liam Britnell
14:10 16th March 2012

The Cure's Robert Smith has revealed that their performance at the Reading and Leeds festivals this year will feel like coming "full circle".

The legendary frontman told the NME that despite not planning to record any new material, their Reading and Leeds appearances in the summer echo their last performance at the festival way back in 1979.

"It's almost like we've gone full circle and we're back to the point where we're playing Reading Festival and I'm doing it solely because I want it to be a good day." Said Smith, who also added his desire to re-release the '4:13 Dream' LP as a double album as he was stopped previously by "f**king idiots who were around" in the music industry.

In regards to the Cure's future plans, Smith remains adamant that he has "absolutely no idea" before adding: "I can't see our career arc anymore. We haven't signed to anyone since the last album came out and the contract was up. I'm not even signed as a writer. To be really honest, if we're gonna do something it has to be really good."

Despite this, the Cure headlining this summer's Reading & Leeds is sure to delight fans.

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