The Monkees' frontman had 'heart of a 25-year-old' reveals daughter Talia
Michael Baggs

12:04 8th March 2012

The Monkees' frontman Davy Jones confused chest pains with heartburn before his death, his daughter has revealed.

Davy Jones was cremated in a private ceremony in Florida yesterday, and duaghter Talia has told how a clean bill of health from a doctor led Jones to confuse his chest pains with indigestion.

"My father just had all of these tests and everything came back great," she said in an interview with The National Enquirer. "He was told his heart was like a 25-year-old's.

"So when he continued to have pains in the chest area, he never thought it was anything but a bad case of heartburn. In fact, he needed more extensive testing to know what was going on."

Davy Jones' Monkees bandmates did not attend his funeral service due to fears of causing a media frenzy, in accordance to his family's wishes.