The Beatles and The Rolling Stones mark celebratory year
12:48 27th February 2012

This year marks fifty years since The Rolling Stones played their first gig in London and The Beatles played their first gig in Liverpool. An enormous landmark for any fan of rock n roll, both bands are marking the anniversary with comeback events.

While there will be a series of events to commemorate The Beatles in Liverpool later this year, rumours of a Rolling Stones concert are ever rife with almost every member of the band publicly commenting on the possibility. A lot of has changed since these two bands first moved the course of the music industry however both have left such an impact that they still inspire people today to pick up a guitar or a pair of drums sticks.

It seems that 2012 is also the year of the comeback, with The Stones Roses and Blur also set to play various events over the summer. However it isn't just the classic old favourites that are still making waves and creating a name for guitar music across the world. Modern bands such as The Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian openly hail The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as influences in their musical writing process.

While The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were so very often pitched against each other back in the 1960s, both bands created equal hysteria and hype which has lasted them a lifetime. While Paul McCartney is still making music in solo format, Keith Richards recently joined Eric Clapton on stage.

However, while these two greats are amongst a host of others from decades gone past having a comeback, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, The Sex Pistols and The Happy Mondays accompany The Stones Roses and Blur on the list of greats touring and recording again, there must always be a place for new music to break the mould. While Abbey Road Studios are celebrating their 80th birthday next month with tours around their recording spaces, it is important to remember that while these bands are running a front for what seems to be an ever dwindling guitar music industry, there are plenty of young, fresh artists ready to have their time in the limelight.