Tour movie on dvd and blu-ray...
10:48 10th February 2012

The Chemical Brothers are to release their tour move ‘Don’t Think’ on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD next month.

The CD version will act a soundtrack to their previous tour while the DVD and Blu-Ray editions will feature footage caught of the dance acts performance Fujirock Festival in Japan last year.

The film has previous been screened at over 500 cinemas around the world earlier this month. The response to the movie has been so great that The Chemical Brothers are to release the DVD and CD.

Ed Simons of the group spoke of his partners work "We wanted to have a film for us to keep as a record, but Adam had more ambition.

"There was footage from Glastonbury 2007 which was pretty amazing, it really started to capture what it is to be in the crowd, how the music and the visuals are intoxicating. You have to capture that thing that's in the air."

While Adam Smith added “We wanted to capture the festival, but every time we went out into the festival we tried to connect it to the show, so we took some projectors out and projected images from the visuals onto flags and trees. People were really playful with it."

To accompany the release a special edition book/DVD with exclusive images will also be released on April 9.

The DVD/Blu-Ray track listing in full:

'Tomorrow Never Knows' (intro) - Junior Parker
'Another World'
'Do it Again'
'Get Yourself High'
'Horse Power'
'Chemical Beats'
'Star Guitar'
'Three Little Birdies Down Beats'
'Hey Boy Hey Girl'
'Don't Think'
'Out of Control'
'Setting Sun'
'It Doesn't Matter'
'Escape Velocity'/'The Golden Path'
'Leave Home'/'Galvanize'
'Block Rockin' Beats'/'Das Spiegel'

The CD track listing:

'Another World'/'Do It Again'/'Get Yourself High'
'Horse Power'/'Chemical Beats'
'Swoon'/'Star Guitar'
'Three Little Birdies Down Beats'/'Hey Boy Hey Girl'
'Don't Think/Out of Control'/'Setting Sun'/'Saturate'
'Escape Velocity'/'The Golden Path'
'Leave Home'/'Galvanize'
'Block Rockin' Beats'

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