The actor says in new interview...
Holly Frith
10:41 10th February 2012

Actor Seth Rogan has spoken about his image as a 'laid-back stoner-dude'.

Rogan, who starred alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the movie 50/50, said smoking weed is part of his 'productive' day to day routine.

In an interview with Front magazine, Rogan was asked if weed is as big a part of his life as the movies suggest?

''I smoke a lot of weed, yeah. I think it’s a myth to say you can’t be productive and smoke weed. It’s an antiquated thought. In the 1950s they said you’d go crazy if you smoked it, and then they said you’d become a crack addict if you smoked, and now they say you’ll be lazy. All those things are not true. I smoke weed a lot and I’m extremely productive.''

Asked if it helps his creatively, he replied: ''Both. But more than anything it makes me more willing to work. Nobody wants to work for twelve hours a day, but if you get to smoke weed, hang out with your friends and joke around it doesn’t really feel like work.''

50/50 is set for release on March 26, 2012.

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