Singer checks herself in for help...
Holly Frith
10:24 19th January 2012

Sinead O'Connor has checked herself into hospital following her attempted suicide earlier this month.

The singer told fans that she was in desperate need of some psychiatric help and is hoping that going to hospital will help.

She tweeted fans: 'Gonna be off radar for a few weeks. But will be back. Worry not.'

'I'm going to hospital. Treatment for depression. Not at all well. But they will put me back together quick.

'so will be back.. and smiling. Prolly 2 weeks ish. I be grand in few weeks. was right decision to call hospital. They fab. Good team. I be me again in 2 weeks they say.'

Adding: 'Don't want anyone worrying. Should only worry if a depressed person DOESN'T go hospital. all will be well. Just little time.'

O'Connor took an overdose on January 5 in Los Angeles after struggling to cope with the breakdown of her 16-day marriage.

"I took an overdose. God obviously wants me around — though I can't think why,' she told The Sun.