Woman claims she learnt her parents wanted to kill her through rock music...

14:44 8th January 2012

An American woman has claimed that the music of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails inspired her to burn down her parents' house, it has been reported.

Christina Paz aged 29 was arrested in Cileo Vista, Texas after starting a fire that significantly damaged her father's house and is now facing felony charges of arson.

The El Paso Times reports that Paz burnt down her parents house as revenge on her family who she believed were planning to kill her. On December 27th she proceeded to pour flammable super glue on a bed before setting fire to it and the curtains in the next room.

In the court papers it stated that she was angry at them "for trying to kill her on Christmas Day, that they had planned to sodomize her and chop her up with the help of a neighbor".

When asked how she knew her parents were going to kill her she responded "through the music of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails".

Previously Manson's music was at the heart of Columbine tragedy of 1999 where two fans of his shot dead 12 students and one teacher before turning the guns on themselves.

Manson has always defended his music, stating in 2007: "I always knew that I never felt guilty or that I did something wrong. I despised people who accused me of doing that. The whole point of my name was to make a statement about the very same thing I was being blamed for".

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