The Polar Express finishes a distant second...
Alex Winehouse
11:51 19th December 2011

Gigwise readers have voted Home Alone as their all-time greatest Christmas movie.

The 1990 film, which sees Macauley Culkin as the abandoned (accidentally, of course) Kevin foiling a duo of inept criminals, averaged a score of 7.11 out of 10, placing it well ahead of The Polar Express, which came in second with a score of 6.33.

It seems that, when it comes to Christmas films, most of those who voted fall into the Bah Humbug category, as third-place Die Hard only managed a distinctly average 5.50 score, with Elf  not even managing a half-decent score, polling 4.80. Bad Santa rounded off the top five with a poor 4.59.

At the lower end, Scrooged came rock bottom, taking a score of just 3.25, with Batman Returns hardly faring any better, taking 3.36. Miracle on 34th Street barely registered, scoring a mere 3.71, with Gremlins taking sixth place with 4.40.

The results in full:

1. Home Alone (7.11)
2. The Polar Express (6.33)
3. Die Hard (5.50)
4. Elf (4.80)
5. Bad Santa (4.59)
6. Gremlins (4.40)
7. Miracle on 34th Street (3.71)
8. Batman Returns (3.36)
9. Scrooged (3.25)