Say band name is debatable...
Holly Frith
10:21 13th December 2011

Brian May has raised questions whether he and Roger Taylor should be performing under the band's name Queen.

The pair have performed live together on several occasions since the death of frontman Freddie Mercury and Bad Company's Paul Rodgers.

The guitarist admitted that performing with only half of the original line-up has sparked debate amongst the group's fans.

"Are we Queen? In a sense we are but in another sense we never can be. We keep getting asked to do things, which is great, but it's that being Queen thing, I think we'll have to make a film Being Queen, what does it mean?" he told BBC 6 Music.

He added: "The good thing about it is, we are a sort of open book, we can interact with people when it comes up."

Meanwhile, Queen could be set to tour with American Idol singer Adam Lambert, according to reports.

Drummer Roger Taylor has revealed that the band are currently in talks with the singer to join them on a live tour, reports Billboard.

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