The singer says...
Holly Frith
16:10 11th December 2011

Nick Cave has announced that Grinderman are ‘over’ at a festival appearance in Australia.

The frontman told the crowd the news as the band closed their set at the the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria this weekend.

Cave said: That's it for Grinderman. It's over.

He added: "See you all in another ten years when we'll be even older and uglier."

Grinderman are a side-project of Cave's and features three members of his band The Bad Seeds.

The band began in 2006 and released two albums their self-titled debut in 2007 and ‘Grinderman 2’, in 2010.

Back in 2010 Cave discussed plans to release a new ‘Bad Seeds’ album, he said: 'I have the starting date for the next record and that's when I go into the office and start it.  I'm not doing that until I've finished the Grinderman tour, which is amazing. The band is something else.'

Grinderman - live