Just before they're about to play Glastonbury...
Daniel Melia

12:44 28th June 2005







While many bands were late into Glastonbury on Friday because of the weather The Killers were delayed after they lost a guitarist.

Brandon Flowers told Radio 1: "We went to Stonehenge, which was the first time we'd been there. We've been here 14 times and we've never been to Stonehenge. Shortly afterwards we stopped at a gas station and we left Dave, our frizzy-haired guitar player there."

Flowers added: "It set us back three hours. We actually drove a whole hour without him and eventually he got hold of us. So we went back an hour. It was a big ordeal. I was watching 'Caddyshack' so I didn't notice he wasn't there. He seemed to get through it OK. He usually throws fits but he did all right."