The bad, the ugly and the downright obscene...

10:04 23rd November 2011

I think we've all been there: picking up your favourite band's new album at a record store and OH NO, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?

That follow-up LP you've been waiting the past two and a half years for, that you downloading very badly recorded demos of months back, has finally come out and you've spent all day, no - week in fact, looking forward to the moment where you get to hold the CD or - if you have enough pennies in your pocket - the vinyl in your bare hands; but then they go and spoil your entire life by their ridiculous choice of sleeve art.

You can't walk to the attractive shop assistant at the till with this in your hand, and you definitely can't add this piece of junk to the beautifully assembled collection of the band's back-catalogue (b-sides and bootlegs included) that lay atop your bedroom's chest of drawers.

This is what happened to me when the even absurd-sounding Monsters of Folk released their debut album. The band consisted of so many of my favourite musicians, Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, My Morning Jacket's Jim James and even M Ward. But then they chose this as their album art. And I never did buy the album after that.

So we assembled a list of what we think have been the worst album covers of the past year, including the likes of Drake, David Lynch and Coldplay's oh-so-early 00s graffiti inspired frontpiece. There's some obscene ones from the likes of the Steve Miller band (pictured above), M Ward makes it on the list again too - this time with his She & Him Christmas album. Oh M, when will you learn?

Head over here to see our choices and vote which ones you think are the worst of the lot. Remember that you should vote more stars for however bad you think the cover is!