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16:57 10th November 2011

The build up to Rihanna's latest album is beginning to reach fever pitch as content is gradually leaked into the public domain with the purpose of feeding the hype machine lucrative snapshots of what's in store. Gigwise made the trek down to a hidden studio on a side street off Portobello Road where press were granted an exclusive playback of the deluxe album from start to finish.

Rihanna is as titillating as she's ever been on what is unbelievably her 6th album, teasing her audience in more ways than one with both the music and visuals on display. A lot of the album is extremely dirty, even more so than before, focussing in on extreme acts of lust and exhibitionism.

RocNation records know exactly how valuable Rihanna is as a property as well as a music lover, subsequently they have channelled every ounce of innovation into "Talk That Talk". Here is the track by track analysis.

1 - 'You Da One'
This original sounding beginning to the album will be revealed tomorrow, it serves as a great introduction demonstrating just how much Rihanna's sound has evolved in the last year. It is a bass heavy rolling track with a minimalistic 4 x 4 beat that serves as the perfect platform for Rihanna's soaring vocals.

2 - 'Where Have You Been'

A club orientated anthem that iterates on the introduction to the album by ratcheting every concievable element up to 10. It has funky vibes manifested by drum claps layered atop the subtle strumming of an acoustic guitar to create a very full sound. The most raucous track on the album by far as Rihanna's singing gives way to an astonishing bassline incorporating elements of trance, techno and dubstep. Expect this one to tear up the clubs.

3 - 'We Found Love' Featuring Calvin Harris
We've all heard this one dominating the charts like nobodies business. Much like the last track Calvin Harris' lo-fi come melodic synth production is the perfect compliment to Rihanna demonstrating by all regards exactly how many collaborative elements have been bought on board to create the most contemporary sound possible.

4 - 'Talk That Talk' Featuring Jay-Z
Straight back to RocNation's hip-hop roots with this one that samples The Notorious B.I.G as tribute before descending into a full on duet come assault of the senses. Jay-Z talks dirty on the track, referring to "sex on the beach", "money, money" and "heading to the top". Rihanna builds on this with a catchy hook that flirts with him, telling him to keep talking "that way". Think of it as a dirtier 'New York'.

5 - 'Cockiness (Love It)'
Channelling Missy Elliot the song stays on the risque side of the LP as Rihanna states "I want you to be my sex/suck on my cockiness". It's a tribal, primal song that has a great stuttered pace complete with a sound like steel drums and whistles run through a hip-hop machine.

6 - 'Birthday Cake'
Interlude to the album that literally revs up the sound at the beginning, sounding like a car straining gears before a relentless one minute onslaught is released as Rihanna tells listeners "I'm gonna make you my bitch"

7 - 'We All Want Love'
At this point the album chooses a melodic switch-up as a clean guitar purrs underneath Rihanna's symphony; echoed by the sounds of piano keys. It's the albums most anthemic track that acts as a philosophical musing on a more sensitive tip. Rihanna likens everyone to being the same in there desires, all wanting to "be somebody".

8 - 'Drunk On Love'
Another one that is clearly future dancefloor fodder whilst at the same time displaying the more angsty side of the album. Rihanna describes how vulnerable and addicted she is to her lover who has made her "drunk on love". It has a nice epic beat, complimented by a progressive groove and soaring melodies.

9 - 'Roc Me Out'
Roc, you get it? This track is co-produced by Rob Swire from Pendulum and his influence is evident on all facets of the production. If you like Pendulum and Rihanna you'll have a field day with this vibrant track that draws on the best elements of both. Think 'Slam' slowed down and combined with 'Umbrella'.

10 - 'Watch n' Learn
Big bass krunk track that in places goes back to a more feminine sound that is devoid from a lot of the instrumentals on the album. It has a TLC influence as well as sounds that call back to the Art Of Noise.

11 - Farewell
A symphonic ballady to end the album. Each bar is led by the strum of a distorted electric guitar. It almost refers to the album as a journey, directly addressing the fans as she says farewell to them while the album draws to a close.

12 - Red Lipstick (Deluxe Album Only)
Produced by Chase And Status, this track dives head on into the dubstep influence present in the album, miming Snoop Dogg's use of 'Indian Dub' a few years ago. It sounds a little strange, especially as the instrumental is Chase And Status' 'Saxon' track that has been out already for a very long time. If you haven't heard the instrumental already however you'll love the dark turn it takes.

13 - Do Your Thing (Deluxe Album Only)
A harken back to the old school Rihanna complete with catchy drum breaks and funky hook found on songs like 'Umbrella'.

14 - Fool In Love (Deluxe Album Only)
An all out balls to the wall guitar led epic complete with screaming guitar solo layered above an acoustic riff that focusses in on a more introspective and vulnerable Rihanna than we are used to.

Rihanna - 'Talk That Talk':

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