Disney doesn't want Pirates of the Caribbean overshadowed...
Alex Winehouse
10:46 24th October 2011

Johnny Depp has been prevented from conducting interviews about The Rum Diary on all Disney-owned television and radio stations, as it is feared his new movie will overshadow the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Depp, who stars in the adaptation of Hunter S Thompson's novel, attended the Austin Film Festival on Friday (Oct 21), but due to a clause in his Pirates contract, no affiliates from ABC were allowed to interview him or even film him, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

KHOU News reporter Shelton Green said: "We came here expecting to talk to one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but apparently Disney doesn't want Johnny Depp's new movie premiering here at the Paramount [Theatre] to get more exposure than his new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

"So, they wouldn't allow us to interview him nor would they even allow us to get video of him, but hundreds of other people did."

The Rum Diary is released on October 28.

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