The singer tells fans...
jason gregory
11:40 7th October 2011

Jessie J has said she intends her second album to be another pop record.

The singer, who released her debut 'Who You Are' earlier this year, said she was already thinking about album number two.

"I want it to stay true to who I am. It'll be pop again but I don't know if it'll be pop with symphony orchestras or pure pop like 'Price Tag' again,” she told the Daily Star.

"It's just what comes out of me and I don't know what's going to come out of me next."

The star added: "I know that I want to get to know my voice a bit better and I want to have some more collaborations. But who they'll be with, I really don't know yet."

Jessie J was the big winner at this week's MOBO Awards, taking home four gongs, including Best Song and Best Album.

Jessie J