Along with Christian Bale, Gary Oldman...
Alex Winehouse

10:12 26th September 2011

Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale and Gary Oldman were out on the streets of Los Angeles over the weekend, shooting scenes for The Dark Knight Rises in full costume.

This means the world gets it first chance to see Hathaway as Catwoman, having already been treated to a sight of her real personality, Selia Kyle.

On Set LA reports: "It was as if they set it up specifically for me to shoot. A hundred PAs on set, a couple dozen security guards, off duty LAPD, and somehow they didn't think anyone would walk underneath Grand/4th and see that??
"Ooohh... the security guard was pissed. It was too late. Plus last time I checked the sidewalk was OK to walk on and still public property. Am I wrong?"

Filming on Christopher Nolan's closing installment of the Batman trilogy continues.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for release on July 20, 2012.

Catwoman, Batman, Commissioner Gordon...

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Photo: Splash News