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Holly Frith
10:59 7th September 2011

Adele has apologised to fans after cancelling her performance at last night's Mercury Prize and recent UK tour dates.

The London singer was due to perform along with the nominees at last night's awards (September 6) in London but had to cancel due to ongoing illness.

In her blog, Adele told fans: ''hi guys, sorry about the first 2 shows. im as useless as a slug right now, ive had a rotten cold since i got home earlier this week and was hoping it wouldnt make its way onto my chest. but unfortunately it has and its leaving me breathless and i cant hold any of my notes when i sing. and i dont sound like myself either, because im all bunged up and croaky.''

''Id rather not do a show, then not do a good one for you. i have all day today, tomorrow and tuesday to get better without having to sing or really do anything so fingers crossed ill be better. love you as always, adele xx''

Adele cancelled the remaining dates of her US tour earlier this year after contracting laryngitis.

Meanwhile, PJ Harvey won this year's Mercury Prize for her album 'Let England Shake'.

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