Over 2009's 'This Is War'...
Holly Frith
08:29 3rd September 2011

30 Seconds To Mars are set to make a movie about their legal struggles with record label EMI over their 2009 album ‘This Is War’.

The news was confirmed in a blog post by music industry’s Bob Lefsetz, who explained about the project and his meeting the band’s frontman Jared Leto.

On his blog, he wrote: ''He's [Leto] making a movie about 30 Seconds To Mars and its fight with EMI in the wake of the Terra Firma takeover. They were bugging me eons ago, but then faded away, I saw the album came out, I figured the film was shelved. But then Jared himself tracked me down, said it was still on and would I come on camera and testify.''

As previously reported on Gigwise, 30 Seconds To Mars found themselves in a legal battle with EMI after the record label planned to sue the band for $30 million for failure to deliver three albums in the allotted time required by their contract.

However, the lawsuit was dropped and the band continued plans to release 2009’s ‘This Is War’ on the label.

Meanwhile, 30 Seconds To Mars encouraged a stage invasion as they played at this year’s Leeds festival last weekend (August 27).

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