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Jason Gregory

09:26 24th August 2011

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Liam Gallagher has dropped a lawsuit against his brother Noel after he offered an olive branch during a webchat with fans.

The Beady Eye singer began legal action last week after Noel insinuated that Oasis cancelled their appearance at the V Festival in Chelmsford in 2009 because Liam had a hangover.

But on Monday (August 22), Noel admitted that Liam did have a doctor's note to prove that he was suffering from laryngitis, which was the official reason given for their cancellation.

“I'd just like to say that if he gets offended by my opinions on such things then I apologise,” Noel said.

According to The Sun, Liam decided to drop the lawsuit after speaking to their mother Peggy, who had been left upset by the whole saga.

"That was playing on his mind then he had a moment of realisation that Noel wasn't being vindictive - he was just being cheeky,” a source said.

“It was an anger that had built up over two years because he was so angry Oasis was over.”

The insider added: “In the cold light of day he realised his brother was actually being quite calm about it all, and decided a legal battle was a bad idea. Hopefully that will draw a line under it all and everyone can move on."

Noel and Liam's latest spat comes in the same week that Noel's debut solo single, 'The Death Of You And Me' was released.

Noel Vs Liam - Their Angriest Quotes

  • Liam on Noel: ''I like that Pineapple Dance Studios as well. That Louis dude, he reminds me of Noel.''

  • Noel on Liam’s Pretty Green store looting - “Every cloud and all that, eh?” (The Sun, 2011)

  • Liam on Noel’s lyrics - "Everyone knows that if you've got a brother, you're going to fight.’’

  • Liam on his brother's sense of style: "Noel's got an old man vibe going on, our kid. Big woolly jumpers and cardigans... Terry Wogan, Val Doonican s*it." (NME, 2009)

  • Noel Gallagher about Liam: ''He's gone to the zoo. The monkeys are bringing their kids to go and have a look at him.'' (Q Awards)

  • Liam Gallagher on Noel: ''I’m a better singer than him [Noel]. I’m the man, man. (NME, 2008)

  • Liam on Noel’s band name - "Listen, our Kid's a mouthy f*ck too. He said we had a year to come up with a band name and came up with Beady Eye. He had three and came up with the High Flying Turds. I don't know who dressed him but he looks like something out of Westlife." (Q Magazine, 2011)

  • Liam on Noel: ''I’m just disappointed for him, and his fans…. I have my days [bad days] but Noel Gallagher can be a little b*tch when he wants to be.'' (MTV Canada, 2010).

  • Noel Gallagher: ''Sure I love Liam, but not as much as I love Pot Noodles.''

  • Liam Gallagher On Noel: "I'd do time for him. I love him. Me and him are cool. If anyone stepped on his toes, I'd cut them off." (Melody Maker, 1995)

  • Liam: “The people that go: ‘Oh, Beady Eye is not Oasis,’ well, Noel’s music ain’t Oasis either,” he said. “It might remind you of it but there’s something missing – f*cking me.” (Daily Star, 2011)

  • On Noel’s solo career: But it's over and we're buzzin'. And I hope our kid's buzzin'. I f*cking do actually. I hope he's gonna make great records. And he probably will." (The Sun, 2010)

  • On Noel missing the FA Cup Final: "He's a scaredy cat. He can't handle being in with the real fans. He was in LA, wasn't he? With all those LA type people. (XFM, 2011)

  • Liam on Noel: ''That's the thing that makes me want to throw up. I just look at him now and think, 'You're a f*cking fake'.'' (The Guardian)

  • On their friends: "Our kid hangs around with all these strange people with long hair - Russell Brand sorts - and that's just not my cup of tea."

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