He is a non-threatening character, he says...

11:58 19th August 2011

A vampire academic of the University of Texas has described the Robert Pattinson's Twilight character Edward Cullen as a 'starter vamp'.

Dr Thomas Garza, a vampire expert  and who teaches vampire lore recently commented on the popular Twilight novels written by Stephanie Meyer. He explained the books and movie series have created a new vampire trend.

He told Reuters: "I would say that it is The Twilight Saga in particular that has brought out the younger teen fans. In that connection, Edward is a very 'safe' vampire, a kind of 'starter vamp' for beginners, if you will.".

"He's pretty, yes, so the seduction's there, but he's more than reluctant to act on his and Bella's sexual desires," he added. "He can go out in daylight - and even 'sparkles' in the sun, giving him a completely non-threatening character. He drives a Volvo, for goodness sake."

According to Dr Garza, youths are aspiring to be like vampires not just because of their eternal youth or immortality but because they are being protrayed as these attractive fashionable beings.

Other vampire shows have aleady commented on Twilight's Edward Cullen. True Blood's Stephen Moyer previously compared the character to a 'pussy' and the 'Diet Coke of vampires', whilst Joss Wheadon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, said 'Angel would have Edward Cullen down in a heartbeat.'

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