Lebowski Fest gathers 2500 people...

13:39 17th August 2011

The Big Lebowski cast was reunited last night to celebrate the release of the classic comedy on Blu-Ray DVD.

Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore and John Turturro all attended the event in New York's Hammerstein Ballroom to mark the film's re-release yesterday evening. The launch party also occured on the day of the annual Lebowski-Fest, a yearly event organised by fans.

The Lebowski-Fest first took place in 2002, and has since been an annual event to reunite fans of The Dude, allowing them to dress up as their favourite characters, compete in various contests and generally do whatever The Dude does.

The Big Lebowski tells the story of an unemployed slacker and avid bowler, Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) otherwise known as 'The Dude' who gets mistaken for a millionaire with whom he shares the same last name. When his rug is ruined by thugs looking for the other Lebowski, the 'Dude' decides to seek compensation with the help from his bowling buddies.

Last night's Big Lebowski reunion hosted a crowd of 2,500 people including Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for the hero of the film. However directors, Joe and Ethan Coen were not in attendance.

The Blu-Ray edition of The Big Lebowski is now available.

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