He's planning meeting with Danger Mouse...
jason gregory
16:14 10th August 2011

Cee Lo Green has hinted that he will speak to Danger Mouse soon to discuss Gnarls Barkley's future.

The duo released their last album 'The Odd Couple' in 2008 and famously released the worldwide smash hit single 'Crazy'.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Green said he was convinced that Gnarls Barkley would begin working on new material again soon.

"We'll definitely get together sometime very soon to start talks about what we collectively agree is the new direction for Gnarls Barkley," he said.

"We talk on occasion and he's about as preoccupied as I am at the moment, doing other projects. But then again, we might not talk at all and just do it when the time is right because we've never discussed it before."

As previously reported on Gigwise, Cee Lo Green has released the video for his new single 'Cry Baby' – and you can watch it on Gigwise here.

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