Made a full recovery...
Holly Frith
12:18 4th August 2011

The Cribs' Ross Jarman underwent spinal surgery earlier this week (August 2).

The drummer, who had the operation to correct a herniated disc, is said to have recovered fully and is ready to get back to work on their new album.

Brother, Ryan told fans over Facebook: ''Surgery was the only option but due to our busy touring schedule there never seemed to be a good time to do it, so it kept getting put off and put off again. Things kept getting worse however to the point where even just sitting on a plane became a grueling ordeal, so the decision was made to have the operation after festival season finished this year.''

He added: ''It was a pretty gnarly procedure, involving the spinal cord actually being moved, and what follows now is six weeks of rest and rehabilitation, but then we will be back to work on album number five.''

The former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr announced his departure from the band earlier this year. Marr joined the group in 2008 and featured on their latest album 'Ignore The Ignorant'.

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