The singer says...
Holly Frith
08:40 3rd August 2011

Bjork has revealed that she was 'starstruck' when David Attenborough agreed to work with her on the interactive app for upcoming album 'Biophilia'.

The singer, who asked Sir David Attenborough to voice the introduction to the album, said cried when she heard him appear on it.

"It was like - ooooooh let's ask David Attenborough - if he just says no he says no," she explained. "And then he said yes and we could just not believe it - I was just so starstruck and then I heard him read it for the first time and I was crying,'' Bjork told XFM.

She added: "I knew the words inside out but when he read it it was like I'd never heard it before."

As previously reported on Gigwise, Bjork said her forthcoming album 'Biophilia' will be a musical collaboration with app developers, scientists, writers, inventors, musicians, and instrument makers to create a new exploration of the universe and its physical powers.

‘Biophilia’ is set for release on September 27.

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