Set to appear on 'Hell In A Handbasket'...
Holly Frith
13:06 2nd August 2011

Lil Jon and Punlic Enemy's Chuck D will appear on Meat Loaf's new record, it has been revealed.

The unlikely pair are said to be working with the singer on his new album 'Hell In A Handbasket', which is set to be the first of three albums.

Speaking about the new album, Meat Loaf told Billboard: ''(It's) the most personal record I've ever made. It's about how I feel the world’s gone to hell in a handbasket. It's really the first record that I’ve ever put out about how I feel about life and how I feel about what's going on at the moment.''

Meat Loaf met Lil Jon when they appeared on Celebrity Apprentice last year.

Meanwhile, Meat Loaf collapsed during a performance in Pittsburgh on Thursday (July 28).