After trip to shooting range...
Holly Frith
09:01 29th July 2011

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and Poison's Bret Michaels could face gun charges, it has been reported.

The pair, who are currently touring in the US together, visited a shooting range and were photographed holding guns.

TV station WSOCTV reported on the incident and highlighted it is an offence "for any person who has been convicted of a felony to purchase, own, possess or have in his custody, care or control any firearm".

WSOCTV said in a bulletin: "The sheriff and local police chiefs didn't know about it until we brought it to their attention. It could be illegal if any of those men have criminal records that prohibit them from using guns.

"There were officers from the Rowan County Sheriff's Office, Salisbury and Spencer police departments with the rockers. We found that out when the sheriff and both chiefs called [us] to say they're now investigating. The sheriff wants to know if the pictures show bad judgement, a policy problem or a crime."

Lee and Michaels were said to have been unaware that they were committing an offence.