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jason gregory
16:14 28th July 2011

30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto has paid tribute to Amy Winehouse and criticised the way the media treated her before she died.

The singer, who battled drug and alcohol addiction, was found dead at her flat in Camden, North London last week. She was 27.

In an editorial for Rolling Stone, Leto said that although he did not know Winehouse personally, “the disease of addiction is a very familiar part of my life”.

Referring to her portrayal in the media, he wrote: “It seems that many in the press had no problem acting as though her disease were as trivial as the latest 'hot beach bods' spread. 

“Maybe the next time someone exhibits the classic behavior of an addict in trouble, rather than using it as tabloid fodder, more energy could be spent attempting to help the person.”

He added: “Laughing at the behavior of a person in the throes of addiction, or dismissively treating it as entertainment, is no less unforgiveable than making fun of someone who has begun to deteriorate from the damages of any other chronic and debilitating disease.”

Leto went on to express his condolences for the singer and her family for “this tragic ending”.

“It's a heartbreaking loss, not just of an incredibly talented artist, but of a beautiful and blessed young woman in the beginning of her life,” he added.

Winehouse's cause of death has yet to be announced, but her family said she was clean of drugs and overcoming her problem with alcohol.

30 Seconds To Mars replaced Winehouse at next months' Sziget festival in Budapest after the singer's European tour was cancelled.

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