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Holly Frith

12:35 28th July 2011

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Lady Gaga has revealed that she wants to be ordained as a minister to enable her to marry her gay friends.

The singer said that she wants to be a minister now legislation allowing same-sex marriages in New York has been passed.

''My yoga instructor Trisha, a lesbian, has lived with her partner for years now and they have a beautiful daughter. They asked me to marry them. So, yes. I’m going to do it,'' Gaga told Kiis FM show.

She added: ''It’s their private wedding but they’re very proud of it. They’ve waited a long time to legitimise their love. Congratulations to Mama T and T Mama.''

Gaga said she was 'thrilled' that gay marriage in New York has now been legalised: "I just think for myself as an activist it's always about being positive and honouring and being excited about the small steps that are taken toward equality. I'm excited about the things that are happening and I'm going to continue to band together with all my friends and with my generation to continue to fight for our rights,"

Lady Gaga's Style Evolution

  • Lady Gaga wears her raw meat outfit to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010.

  • But it wasn't the only eye-catching outfit of the night. The singer also wore this design on the white carpet.

  • Lady Gaga thrills fans in Germany in 2009.

  • Lady Gaga poses for the cameras at a red carpet event in 2009.

  • Lady Gaga wears police tape in the video for her smash hit 'Telephone'.

  • The singer shows a little more than she should at the Glastonbury festival in 2009.

  • Lady Gaga steps out in a cold Paris with just the top half of her outfit.

  • The singer greets fans with some extra large shoulders.

  • Lady Gaga turns the lens on the paparazzi during a visit to London in 2009.

  • Lady Gaga wears a discoball-inspired outfit on stage in Manchester in 2009.

  • The star shows how to wear leather.

  • Lady Gaga attends another promotional event beneath a huge shawl headdress.

  • Lady Gaga proving that she knows how to stand out from the crowd - even back at the start of her career.

  • The singer wears another daring outfit on the streets of London.

  • Lady Gaga uses CGI to enhance her eyes for the video to 'Bad Romance'.

  • Lady Gaga wears a bondage mask as she speaks to reporters at a press conference earlier this year.

  • As the singer's Monster Ball world tour has become more successful, so has the ambition of her on stage attire.

  • Lady Gaga has even managed to incorporate a lamp shade into her show.

  • Lady Gaga stands out from the crowd at the Brit Awards in London earlier this year.

  • The singer showed her support for Children In Need - and, apparently, the Royal Horticultural Society - during a visit to London in 2009.

  • The singer wraps up again - literally - on a cold night in London.

  • The singer wears a lobster on her face - as you do.

  • Lady Gaga attends another promotional event with a bizarre headdress and wig.

  • The singer managed to steal the headlines yet again at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles earlier this year.

  • Lady Gaga puts up her umbrella (yes, it's not raining) she steps out in eye-catching make-up - and not much else.

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