Actor says he is excited to reunite with director Sam Mendes...

09:20 28th July 2011

James Bond actor Daniel Craig has recently admitted he believes the script for the latest Bond film is far better than Casino Royale.

The Cowboys & Aliens actor said he was excited to reunite with Road to Perdition director Sam Mendes for the upcoming Bond 23, where he will be reprising his role as secret agent James Bond.

During an interview, the actor told Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau: "I think it's a great choice because Sam has a fervour and energy to really direct a Bond movie, with a capital B."

"He'll feet-first run himself into it, [he's] read every book and just soaked up everything about it. I read the script the other day and I'm more excited about this than I was about Casino because we've kind of got a classic Bond movie plus lots of other things."

The British actor also explained he was expecting the new Bond 23 to result in a "classic" 007 movie, as he suggested the film would continue to be light on gadgets.

"Trying to find something that's new and interesting is really difficult... Mostly, the technology is in the public arena now or some type of it," he added.

With Daniel Craig coming back as the famous British Secret Service Agent James Bond, Bond 23 will also see Harry Potter's Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris join the cast.

Bond 23 is scheduled to be released October 26, 2012.

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