Gigs For Computer Geeks…
Davina Earl

19:13 11th June 2005

American computer nerds will be compelled to detach their joysticks from their sweaty palms for a couple of hours this summer, as Video Games Live present a live concert of music from the world’s most popular video games.


FNG Gaming have revealed details about the US event which will kick off at the Hollywood Bowl on July 6th before travelling to, amongst others, Denver, Atlanta and Boston. The concerts will include music from games such as Mario, Final Fantasy, Sonic, Tomb Raider and Zelda and will even include a ‘classic arcade medley’ incorporating the likes of Pong and Donkey Kong.


The innovative event was announced by lauded video game composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, who between them have created the theme music for the likes of Earth Worm Jim and Splinter Cell, in collaboration with the Clear Channel Music Group.


The game tunes will be performed by prestigious orchestras, choirs and soloists and will be embellished by state-of-the-art video footage and laser sequences.

Wall asserts that: “Video game music is not bleeps and bloops anymore…this music represents a true art form. The success of this tour will demonstrate to the world that video game music can command the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike.” 


Brad Wavra, Touring Vice President for the Clear Channel Music Group adds: “There are millions of video game fans in the US, who know and love the games, music and the entire scene, and we believe they will flock to this event.”

If they can get them to stop masturbating over Lara Croft for long enough that is.