Smith thinks his character would choose a quiet life...
Alex Winehouse

11:13 18th July 2011

Matt Smith has said that Doctor Who would rather play a nice game of chess than have sex.

The actor was asked on Alan Carr: Chatty Man if the Doctor would ever have a night of passion inside the Tardis.

Smith replied: "No. The Doc's idea of an orgy is playing chess with an ostrich. His brain doesn't work in that way. He would find it weird and peculiar. He finds women peculiar. He is quite asexual."

Smith added that he hopes the show's makers will bring back former Timelords such as Colin Baker and David Tennant when Doctor Who enters its fiftieth anniversary in 2013.

He also said that the Daleks would be returning to the show, saying: "As with any monsters they need a bit of a rest."

Smith will return for a new series of Doctor Who later in the year.

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Photo: Splash News/WENN