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Holly Frith

15:38 14th July 2011

Professor Green has unveiled the title track from his new album 'At Your Inconvenience'

The song, which can be heard below on Gigwise, is taken from his forthcoming effort 'At Your Inconvenience', due to be released later this year.

In the track the rapper mocks the likes of Wayne Rooney and John Terry. Referring to Rooney's reported escapades with a prostitute, Professor Green raps: "Obnoxious preposterous loony a damn nutter/if I ever see Rooney anywhere near my grandmother ah!"

He also mocks Chelsea's John Terry's and Wayne Bridge's former friendship later in the track.

He raps: “When it comes to competition I'm burying them/better to bury them than have 'em getting lairy again/they want it with me like they want it with malaria/ like Wayne Bridge wants John Terry'd again."

The song also makes references to TV presenter Caroline Flack and tennis star Anna Kournikova.

Professor Green - At Your Inconvenience':

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