Sony try to put brave face on costly hack...
Alex Winehouse
10:27 14th July 2011

Sony have insisted that the PlayStation Network breach that led to the theft of information relating to millions of users, and caused months of downtime, not to mention considerable cost to the company, was a "great experience."

Sony's president of network entertainment, Tim Schaaf, did admit to GamesBeat 2011 that he doesn't want to experience the situation again, however.

He said: "Great experience, really good time. Though I wouldn't like to do it again.

"A determined hacker will get you, the question is how you build your life so you're able to cope with those things."

Sony first realised that the Network had been compromised in April, although it took them some time to realise the magnitude of the security breach.

The PlayStation Network wasn't restored to full working order until the beginning of June.

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