Beginning of eighth season sees highest figures in seven years...
Alex Winehouse
13:08 13th July 2011

The first episode of Larry David's eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm attracted 2 million viewers - its highest number for seven years.

The Hollywood Reporter states that 1.7 million people watched the first run, with another 400,000 tuning in for the midnight showing on HBO.

Despite the show entering its eleventh year, reviews were universally positive, with the Wall Street Journal capturing the mood by saying: "Every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has been a testament to Mr. David's ingenious blend of high wit and low comedy. This one will be no exception."

The first episode saw David making life as difficult for himself as ever, by running into confrontations with girl scouts, his ex-wife, the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and his non-Jewish lawyer.

it is currently unknown when - or on what channel - this latest series of Curb Your Enthusiasm will air in the UK.

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