Mad Men star to play Amazon princess...
Alex Winehouse

10:43 21st June 2011

Nicolas Winding Refn, director of Tom Hardy-led Bronson, has said that he wants to cast Christina Hendricks in a movie version of Wonder Woman.

Refn revealed at the premiere of his new film Drive that he would jump at the opportunity to direct the Mad Men star if given the opportunity.

He told New York Magazine: "If I ever get to do [the Wonder Woman movie], she's going to be [her]."

Hendricks has admitted that she has heard rumours linking her with the role, telling the Rachel Ray show last year: "I heard that rumour too - I don't know where it got started but I love it! I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life! I'd love to [do it]. That would be such fun. Let's put it out there!"

Hendricks has previously lent her voice to Lois Lane in the animated film All-Star Superman.

A pilot of Wonder Woman recently aired on US network NBC, although it wasn't picked up for a full series.

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Photo: Splash News/WENN