Classic movie headed for Broadway...
Alex Winehouse

10:13 9th June 2011

Plans for The Goonies to be turned into a Broadway musical are currently underway.

The 1985 movie still retains a huge and loyal following, and director Richard Donner is attempting to bring that passion to the stage.

He told The Sun: "We're really trying extraordinarily hard to get it made.

"It's a tough road, Broadway is another world totally, and hopefully, probably around September, we'll be talking positively.

"We have Tim Long doing the book (writing the music and lyrics for a stage show) and it's quite good.

"The process on Broadway is another world. But if we're going there with Goonies, which has such a great following, a great life, it has got to be the right thing.

"Hopefully we'll be presenting it to you in the spring of the following year."

He continued: "Goonies has an incredible following, and we must be true to it. Hopefully Broadway accepts what has worked for Goonie fans before. If they do, we're a hit but if they don't..."

The Goonies, which told the tale of a group of kids trying to save their neighbourhood from demolition, starred Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Keri Green, Martha Plimpton and Jeff Cohen.

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Photo: Splash News/WENN