The reality of global damage is "terrifying" ...
Zoe Street

13:45 28th May 2005

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke is desperately appealing to the British public to support The Big Ask, a national climate change campaign from Friends Of The Earth - and he insists it's "too terrifying not to get involved".

The bid is pushing for the UK Government to accept legal responsibility for reducing our effect on global warming - and so far a law has been demanded by the campaigners to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the worst offender, by three per cent each year, BBC 6 Music reports.

And although we may do our best, Yorke, a vocal ambassador for the initiative, insists legislation is required before us lot can even start trying to save the environment.

He explains, "This is an issue that's becoming more and more urgent, the science is less and less disputed and basically it's too terrifying to not get involved.

"This is a way for me to direct my fear."