The rapper reveals...
Holly Frith
13:23 24th March 2011

Travie McCoy has revealed that Gym Class Heroes have been working on a new album.

The rapper, who released his solo album 'Lazarus' last summer, is now back with Gym Class Heroes putting the finishing touches to new album 'The Papercut Chronicles II'.

"We're about 30 to 35 demos deep now. We had a really awesome session right before this tour started, and we got a lot done. We're definitely in the stages now where we're definitely picking the cream of the crop. ... The songs are starting to take shape and come together," McCoy told MTV.

He added: "We just wrapped a song with Adam Levine called 'Stereo Hearts' that came out amazing, so you guys might be hearing that song a lot sooner than you'd think. It's definitely that time, regardless of how far or how much longer the Lazarus cycle continues to bring out the sexy MILFs, we're definitely looking to get this record out this year."

'The Papercut Chronicles II' is set for release later this year.

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