He issues appeal on Twitter...
jason gregory
16:36 7th February 2011

Ex-Korn guitarist Brian Welch has told the band to find a permanent replacement for him.

Welch – dubbed 'Head' – was a founding member of the group, but left in 2005 and has since become a devout Christian.

He has since been replacement by Wes Geer, who despite touring with Korn has not been recognised as an official member.

In a message on Twitter, Welch wrote: "Dear Korn. Please let Wes Geer join Korn and take my old place on stage so people will quit telling me to go back to Korn.”

Since leaving Korn, Welch has released two solo albums and is believed to currently be writing his third.

Meanwhile,  Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has posted a trio of new songs online, although at present, it is not clear whether the recordings are for a forthcoming new Korn album or Davis’s much-hinted solo career.

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