Yes. All day...
Zoe Street

11:18 22nd May 2005

In case you needed reminding, Monday 23rd May, that's tomorrow to you, is the day BBC Radio 1 devotes itself to everyone's favourite mono-browed Mancunian moaners, and holds a spectacular 'Oasis Day' - where there'll be no escape from the little rascals.

Prepare yourself for a day of exclusive album tracks and an opportunity to check out the band's new stuff performed live. Hurrah. And if you weren't one of those naughty people who listen to stuff before you oughta by pirating toons of the web, then this could be the first time you hear tracks from Oasis's latest effort - 'Don't Believe The Truth' - a whole week early, you lucky duckies.

Lucky indeed, dear Liam has been saying as well as some "out and out rock and roll" on the album, there are also some nice little songs "for the ladies". Oh generous Oasis! What a relief, us ladies simply can't cope with rock and roll. We need a nice little song to listen to while we are doing our tapestry, or possibly side-stepping round our patent handbags. Or we might faint or cry or something.  How fucking patronising!

Noel will be mouthing off to DJ Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq will conclude the spectacular with a Lamacq Live Special, broadcasting the headline set from the boys themselves at London's Clapham Grand.

Ambassador, with this Oasis Day you are really spoiling us.

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