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Daniel Melia

12:20 17th May 2005

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JackoTwo witnesses at the trial of Michael Jackson have claimed that his accuser’s mother never attempted to leave the Neverland Ranch and was not being held against her will as the prosecution has claimed.

An orthodontist and bodywaxer both said Janet Arvizo made no attempts to escape Jackson’s aides during visits to them at the time the prosecution claim the family were being held captive. Jean Lorraine Seamount and Carole McCoy both told the jury that at no point did they suspect any wrong doing on the part of Jackson’s staff.

However, a housekeeper at the star’s home told Monday how Arvizo had told her at the time that she was unable to leave the ranch.

Maria Gomez, who has worked at Neverland for 10 years, initially said that Janet Arvizo had praised Jackson and encouraged her children to call him ‘Dad’. Yet she then went on to add that during a conversation with Mrs Arvizo she was asked to help them leave Jackson’s home.

"On that occasion, she said three persons were holding her there", and were "interfering" in her relationship with Jackson said Gomez. This further backs the prosecution claims that Jackson’s aides were attempting to abduct the Arvizo family.

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