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Jason Gregory

10:37 9th November 2010

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Several vocals on a forthcoming new Michael Jackson album were recorded using a mobile phone, according to reports.

The late singer is said to have sung lyrics to producers via phone because he feared the songs would be leaked online.

"A large chunk of the album came from voice mails,” a source told The Sun. "Michael was certain new stuff would get out so he decided to sing lyrics down the phone.

"After Michael's death last year there were question marks over whether the messages would be able to be used. Record bosses were worried whether it would come off at all. Luckily it did, but it hasn't been an easy process."

The album, entitled 'Michael', includes the new song 'Breaking News', which debuted online at the weekend.

Many relatives of the star have questioned its authenticity, but Jackson's record label Sony have insisted the vocals are genuine.

'Michael' is due to be released next month.

Michael Jackson - RIP

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