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jason gregory
11:18 1st November 2010

MC Hammer has hit out at Jay-Z in a new song called 'Better Run Run'.

The track, which can be watched below, includes several lyrical references to the rapper, as well as an apparent lookalike.

In one verse, MC Hammer raps: “Yo Jay I gotta reason to doubt, if I knock on your door would you come on out?

“If I knock on your door that mean I'm knockin' you out, if I knock on your door boy I'll bust you in ya mouth.”

MC Hammer has released the song just weeks after Jay-Z took aim at him on a new track with Kanye West.

MC Hammer - 'Better Run Run'

The song, entitled 'So Appalled', saw the rapper poke fun at MC Hammer over the popularity of his track, 'U Can't Touch This'.

'So Appalled' also featured guest verses from RZA, Pusha T and Swizz Beatz.


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