Rolling Stone reveals...
jason gregory
10:42 11th October 2010

Keith Richards has revealed that he and former Beatle John Lennon went on a three-day road trip across the UK together.

The Rolling Stones guitarist said the pair embarked on the journey in his Bentley and that neither could remember what happened.

“We must have been on something exceptional,” Richards told AnOtherMan magazine.

“There was one young lady with us at least, and a chauffeur because we were in no driving condition. And we were just playing sounds.

"We were in my Bentley. I said, 'I'm not going on a trip with you in that goddam psychedelic Rolls Royce. Let's go more discreetly in my little blue Bentley'."

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Richards also revealed in the interview, serialised in the News Of The World, that he used to take “pure, pure cocaine” and carry a gun for protection.

Meanwhile, Richards releases his autobiography, Life, on October 26.

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