At today's V Festival
Andy Day

00:22 22nd August 2010

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La Roux singer Elly Jackson has dedicated her set at V Festival to Ou Est Le Swimming Pool singer Charles Haddon, who died yesterday at Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium.

The Bulletproof singer, who had previously toured with OELSP, dedicated her set during the Stafford leg of the festival saying "Yesterday a friend of ours died. His name was Charley and he was from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. They supported us on tour, and he died yesterday at Pukkelpop. So the whole of the set is for him really. Can we have a big hand for Charley please?"

Haddon, 22, was reported to have committed suicide at the Belgian Pukkelpop Festival after leaving the stage. He was said to have climbed from a communications mast and then jumped to his death in the artist parking area.

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest