More tracks appear on YouTube...
Jason Gregory

15:08 29th July 2010

A ten minute compilation of Daft Punk songs believed to be taken from the forthcoming movie Tron Legacy has emerged online.

The video, which you can watch below, features snippets of a number of tracks.

Music blog Pretty Much Amazing reports that the songs will feature on the Daft Punk-created soundtrack.

Earlier this month, six further songs were posted online by a US radio station.

The French electronic duo have been working on the project alongside the Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski.

“It’s a new direction for them that they’re really excited about, and it’s so tied into the film because we developed them both together,” Kosinski said recently.

The soundtrack has yet to be given an official release date. The sci-fi film is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on December 17.

Tron Legacy song snippets:

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest