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08:20 22nd July 2010
  • Madonna: Hard Candy - Wearing aChampionship belt and with her legs completely akimbo, Queen Madge is clearly trying to deceive her years with this sexually suggestive cover. It's an image that's already proving divisive, with one side of the camp claiming she looks great and the other mocking the woman old enough to be a granny.

  • Blink 182: 'Enema of the State' - The now demised band drafted in adult actress Janine Lindermulder (who went on to date Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame) for the sleeve of their most successful studio album in 1999. Dressed as a nurse, the actress is pictured inspecting the semi-naked Blink 182 on the back sleeve. Early editions of the album featured a Red Cross symbol on Lindermulder's cap - this was later removed after the aid company complained vehemently.

  • RATT: Invasion Of Your Privacy - San Diego glam-metallers personally invited Playboy model Marianne Gravette to appear on the cover to their second full-length in 1985, who had previous appeared in their promo videos.

  • Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet - Soft-rockers Bon Jovi decided to be all controversial with their third album opting for a woman in a wet t-shirt competition to adorn their front page. Sadly, they ditched it just before it hit the shelves in favour of a drab black cover. The reason? They didn't like the pink border.

  • Scorpions: 'Love At First Sting' - The provocative cover of 'Love At First Sting' shows a couple in embrace but suggests much more. It was banned in several stores because of its risque nature and later replaced by a simple shot of the band. Just one of a number of controversial albums by the metal outfit.

  • 44. The Cars: 'Candy-O' In 1979, Cars drummer David Robinson came up with the ingenious idea of tempting artist Alberto Vargass out of retirement at the ripe old age of 83. Amazingly, his first few paintings were turned down by the band's record label Elelktra who insisted on him removing the pubic hair and nipples.

  • Queen Adreena: 'Drink Me' - Katie-Jane Garside is naked in foetal position, not exactly sexy but with the album title of Drink Me' a different connotation could be suggested for the image. Are we being encouraged to consume Garside in a sexual manner?

  • Morrissey: 'Your Arsenal' - The homo-erotic connotations of the cover for 'Your Arsenal' are palpable. Morrissey appears topless and vulnerable, neither dispelling nor confirming rumours surrounding his sexuality as his posture is effete while his body toning is masculine. His microphone looks extremely phalic too.

  • Grace Jones: Island Life - A collection of Grace Jones' greatest hits taken from her albums for Island Records, 'Island Life' sees multi-talented Jones in athletic mode on the cover. Her body glimmers with toned allure and she contorts herself into an awkward stance.

  • Goldfrapp: 'Supernature' - Covering her breasts with her left arm and hand, Alison Goldfrapp cuts an alluring figure on the cover of 'Supernature'. On the US version of the album we also get to she her great legs, while a tail of peacock feathers act as a mating call to the listener.

  • REO Speedwagon: 'Hi Infidelity' - A scantily clad lady applies her make-up while a man, who we can only assume is her lover, puts on a record. While the 'Hi Fidelity' may reference the vinyl being played, it could also be attached the sexiness oozing out of the woman.

  • Deftones: 'Around The Fur' - Released in 1997, Deftones' second album grabbed attention not only because of the searing music, but also the album cover; an aerial shot of a moistened woman in a bikini. Subsequent albums from the Sacramento rockers featured images of skulls and white ponies - not quite the same.

  • Buckcherry: 'Buckcherry' - A painted lady adorns the cover of Buckcherry%u2019s self titled album which was released in 1999, but has more a feel of 1967 with the psychedelic patterns which swirl around the models naked torso. To appreciate the image fully, you'd have to buy the gatefold vinyl where it shows her bottom half.

  • Rollins Band: 'Nice' - The legend that is Henry Rollins drafted in a naked woman for the sleeve of his 2001 album, only the dollar notes concealing her private parts. Sadly, the cover failed to attract the attention of the public - the record only reached number 178 in the American Billboard Chart. Ouch.

  • Queens of the Stone Age: 'Queens of the Stone Age' - The debut album from Josh Homme and company sports a cover that could have been stolen from a Prince record. A model suggestively holds her underwear as if ready to remove them and unveil the prize below.

Katy Perry has revealed the artwork for her new album 'Teenage Dream' ahead of its release next month.

The eye-catching cover shows Perry nestled naked on a cloud of cotton candy, with only the cloud protecting her modesty.

Painted by Will Cotton over a six-week period, Perry debuted the artwork on her official website.

"It's so gorgeous. I'm so excited. I'm nervous. I'm shaking a bit. This will be my first piece of real art,” she said.

Unlike most album covers, 'Teenage Dream' won't feature any text. "Hopefully they know it's me by the actual picture,” Perry added.

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The album, which is the follow-up to 2008's 'One For The Boys', is due to be released on August 30.

The Sexiest Album Covers Ever