Ahead of his own funeral...
Scott Colothan

10:52 11th May 2010

Members of a Michael Jackson death hoax forum claim the King of Pop is alive and well and once disguised himself as a burns victim on national television.

The website, Michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com, attracts over one million hits per day and is used by fans to discuss theories about whether the King of Pop is still alive.

It's claimed that on Larry King's talk show on September 3rd last year, Jackson disguised himself as Dave Dave - a 33-year-old burns victim who befriended Jackson when he was a child.

Dave Dave suffered horrific burns when his deranged father set him on fire when he was six-years-old in an act of revenge over custody.

As a child, his mother wrote a book about his ordeal and took him on a trip to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch where they became close friends.

Law student Dave, who changed his name from David Rothenberg to sever all links to his criminal father, appeared on Larry King's show ahead of Michael Jackson's memorial service in September.

He told the presenter: “(Michael) opened up his arms to me and accepted me as a very good friend of his. And throughout the years, he never let me go."

The interview was been posted on Youtube when death hoax theorists noted the similarity in Dave Dave's voice and mannerisms to Jackson.

According to The Sun, forum founder 'Souza' said: "Michael Jackson attended Larry King Live on the day of the funeral disguised as Dave Dave."

Yet despite the theory's Dave Dave's spokesman Brian Oxman rubbished the claims, telling the tabloid: “"The stories that have surfaced on the blogs concerning Michael Jackson still being alive are part of the worldwide grief that everyone whoever loved Michael Jackson now feels.

"He was so remarkable that people find it difficult to believe he is no longer with us. They long for him to remain a part of our lives.

"I have spoken to Dave within the past several weeks, and he is doing well. He is going to school in Utah, and he is studying to be a lawyer.

"I can assure you that while Michael Jackson would be thrilled that Dave would become a lawyer, Michael Jackson never wanted to be a lawyer himself. He would shudder at the very thought."

Dave Dave on Larry King Live:

Photo: WENN.com