To satisfy the city's musical needs...
Lowri Williams
13:28 26th April 2005

Carling is spreading its musical wings even further by opening up its tenth live music venue.

The Academy Music Group has bought up the Gala Bingo Hall on Westgate Road, Newcastle. The group plan to totally refurbish the venue and it will reopen as the Carling Academy, Newcastle from October 2005, reports Record of the Day.

The new venue will consist of a main room with capacity for 2,000 and a second smaller room that will hold 400 people.

The Group Operations Director Steve Forster has said: "Having grown up in Newcastle, I realise how important great venues are to a thriving local music scene. Since the demise of The Mayfair and The Riverside, Newcastle has sadly been lacking in quality venues. The consequence of this has been that many artists at the larger end of the market have by-passed the City and at the lower end, emerging local talent has not had the platform of a venue to hone their performing skills. Our Newcastle venue will fulfil both of these needs with a 2,000 capacity main auditorium and a 400 capacity second room, both of which will be production complete."